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Oromia National Regional State Revenues Authority (ORA) has been redesigned and reorganized as per Proclamation No. 175/2012 of Oromia National State Caffee to promote efficient and effective accomplishment of its mission. In due course, competent and relevant tax officeres with diverse desciplen have been placed and recruited toward modernizing and enabling the authority collect the potential revenues so as to finance the socio-economic developments plan of the region. Taxation has by far more comprehensive objectives beyond a merly collection of revenues. Amongest, the important fiscal policy tools used to redistribute income among citizens and stablize market. Generating revenues from domestic taxes does not only to mean supporting the public provisions, but also check consumptions while encouraging saving and investment.
Accordingly, ORA has identified five strategic themes in its Balanced Scorcard (BSC) to measure and communicate its plan and performance. Primarly, Taxpayer’s education and communication as a tool for raising awareness among tax law and behavioral change of the society in general and the taxpayers in particular. Secondly,tax data administration is a critical focus whereby making use of modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) enhances transparency and mutual trust. Thus, taxpayers are required to comply with the tax laws by providing reciept using Daily Cash Register Machine (CRM) for any transactions and keep book of account. Thirdly, prosecution and seizure of properties of delinquent taxpayers are alternatives resolution in tax law compliance enforcement. Moreover, the accomplishment of these themes relies on the execution capacity, both in human resource aspect and institutional Capacity building. Finally, we work to achieve effective tax revenue collection by the help of competent audit and assessment functions.
Therefore, I would like to remined all partners, tax payers and patriote citizens to cooperate our effort in prevention and detection of tax evasions and frauds to support the national call for fair and sustainable development. We all have to be aware of rerceiving legal receipt for any exchange without which fighting against rent seeking is difficult should be norm of our market.

Ahmed Tussa 
General Director of the Authority

Latest News

Galiin Qarshii Sassaabuu Qofa Miti...

15 March 2017
Galiin Qarshii Sassaabuu Qofa Miti...

  Kabajamoon I/A/Pir.BMNO Obbo Umar Useen yaa’ii   hoggansa   Abbaan   Taayitaa   Galiwwan Oromiyaa Guraandhala    10-12/2009tti   Magaalaa Adaamaatti gaggeeffameerratti argamuun haasawaa taasisaniin “Galiin qarshii sassaabuu qofa utuu hinta’in sadarkaa dinagdeen irra ga’uu qabu kan murteessuu fi fedhii uummataa guutuu keessatti dhimma murteessaa dha” dubbataniiru. Tajaajila irraa  barbaadamu   akkaataa   eegamuun   kennuu dhabuun sekteroota mootummaa...

Yaa’iin Hooggantoota ATGO...

15 March 2017
Yaa’iin Hooggantoota ATGO...

  Waltajjii Yaa’ii Hooggantootaa fi Gamaaggama hojii hanga kur.2fffaa Bara baajataa 2009 Magaalaa Adaamaatti hooggantoota Godinaa, Magaalotaa fi Aanaalee waliin gaggeeffame kana irratti ajandaalee garagaraa irratti mari’chuun murtoon darbeera. Daarekterri Olaanaan Abbaa Taayitaa Galiwwan Oromiyaa Obbo Ahimad Tusaa hirmaattota waltajjichaaf gabaasa raawwii karoora hojii hanga kurmaana 2ffaa bara baajataa 2009 kan...

Hojimaata Tilmaama galii guyyaa...

15 March 2017
Hojimaata Tilmaama galii guyyaa...

  Daldaaltonni hedduun seera daldalaa fi galii kabajanii kan hojjachaa jiran yoo ta’e illee akka Naannoo keenyaattis ta’ee biyyaatti daldaaltotni muraasa hintaane ammoo seeraan ala kan hojjachaa jiran akka ta’e qorannoo fi sakkatta’insa yeroo gara garaa gaggeeffamaa tureen adda baasuun akka danda’amee fi kana sirreessuuf hojiin sakatta’insa daldala seeraan alaa...



Kaffaltoota gibiraa bulchiinsa mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa keessa jirtan hundaaf:-

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በኦሮሚያ ክልላዊ መንግስት መስተዳደር የሚትገኙ;-

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ፋይላችሁ በሚገኝበት የኦሮሚያ ገቢዋች ባለሥልጣን ቅ/ጽ/ቤት በአካል ቀርበችው የሚጠበቅባችሁን ግብር እንድትከፊሉ እናሳስበለን::






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